Aircraft Acquisition

We don't just help you climb these stairs — we help you own them

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Every Deal is Different

No aviation professional can deny that every aircraft deal is different. It takes experience to understand the importance of details in each aircraft transaction and to react intelligently to every facet of the deal to protect your investment.


You need an experienced partner that inspires confidence and provides a pleasant and professional buying experience. Your interests are paramount and your goals are efficiently reached with confidence that no other firm can offer. We have navigated over 3,000 transactions.

Privileged Data

In this age of information it is not looking at ads, making calls, emailing for information, and trying to analyze what is appropriate while relying on public accessible data… but so much more. We provide access to highly privileged market data that ensures you make the very best decision.

Market Knowledge

You need accurate and up to date market knowledge in order to understand and capture the best aircraft opportunity. We are relentless in keeping our 40 years of proprietary aircraft data up to the minute, every day, to share with our outstanding clients. We help guide you in every step before and well after the purchase

Current Acquisition Contracts

Citation Sovereign to 3,000 hrs TT, +Ser# 300
Falcon 7X sub $22M
Phenom 300 under 2,000 hrs TT
Citation CJ 2 under 2,500 hrs TT
Falcon 2000 Classic, <5,000 hrs TT (one under contract, need one more)

We make your aircraft experience flawless...